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The mission of the Institute is to promote posts based on the experience of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska by:

  • training that will convince the public that there is a causal relationship between our daily nutrition and illness, and that nutrition (especially fasting) has a powerful impact on health; we can cause diseases and cure them by nutrition;
  • building a network of certified centers, restaurants and catering services running a diet, in accordance with Dr. Ewa's diet guidelines
  • conducting scientific-research and journalistic activity in the field of the impact of caloric restrictions on human health.

In the case of a fruit and vegetable diet, the medicine is neither pills nor surgery, but food, according to the words of Hippocrates: "let food be your medicine", and the effects can often be compared to "surgery without a knife".
Diet treatment is a simple, cheap and, above all, free of side effects, which you can do yourself at home.

Our many years of experience have confirmed us in the belief that the vegetable and fruit diet restores health, which involves the need to modify existing treatment, under the supervision of an experienced doctor or dietitian, and you should also change your eating habits permanently. Nowadays, there is a need for many health promoters to change public awareness into a healthy lifestyle.

We are aware of how difficult this task is without proper education and practice, therefore, the urgent need is training and not only doctors and nutritionists, but also farmers and all people interested in restoring health by supporting fasting the natural, self-healing mechanisms of the body.

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Scope of support: Support for different organs





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